RocketBody AI

GetFit Apps presents RocketBody AI, the next big thing in health & fitness technology.

A game-changing Artificial intelligence built to provide personalized workouts tailored to the current condition of your Heart.

GetFit Apps is the world's first health & fitness mobile developer, which unlocks Apple Watch excellence to full power to improve your health.
Thanks to the ECG function on the watch, Apple is blazing a new trail to a healthier life. And GetFit Apps goes the extra mile to take a new approach to your health and workout routines with RocketBody AI.
Fill us in on your day-to-day health and receive personalized recommendations for your workouts based on your heart condition and abilities.
RocketBody AI determines your recovery state using personal ECG readings. Keep the balance between recovery and stress levels by staying in the know.
Save time and tailor your workout schedule to the projections of your physical readiness, applying bespoke recommendations to suit your physical potential.
Unlock your true potential with ECG-based personal trainer by GetFit Apps.
Exceptional value
At GetFit Apps, we are helping you determine your real-time training output to feel you a tiny bit healthier and happier.
Lifestyle changer
Smart algorithms ensure that you stay on the right track to achieving all of your health & fitness goals.
Personal experience
No one in the world is like you. That means RocketBody AI efficiently analyzes your heart rate data and automatically adapts your workout plan in response.
Tailored to your goals
By taking your heart rate data into account, we can work out what your body really needs on your journey to better health.
Learn what you need and why
ECG on Apple Watch
An exciting new feature of the Apple Watch Series 4 (or later) is the built-in electric heart rate sensor. This technology is capable of detecting atrial fibrillation (AFib) rates quickly and easily. Record an electrocardiogram (ECG) directly from your wrist, giving the RocketBody AI everything it needs to create the bespoke fitness recommendations you need.
Designed to improve your life
No manual configuration is required to use the app. ECG-data processing is automatic and instant, using built-in neural networks. You will be provided with precise personal training recommendations without any need to interrupt or delay your workout sessions.
Backed by science
To confirm the effectivity of the data used within the RocketBody AI, temporal characteristics are closely studied with short (5 min) and long (24 h) ECG records made within each test. Such testing methods include time and frequency domain testing and analysis of nonlinear chaotic oscillations of the cardio rhythm.

We are proud to say that you can be confident that you are in safe hands when using the RocketBody AI. Not only is there a whole host of lab-based evidence of its effectivity - many happy, healthy users back up the science!
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